Odobo and Foxium join forces for HTML5 expansion

These days practically every online casino can label their game collection as modern, but few can really stake claim to being on the cusp of innovation. Technology is evolving at such fast rate within the online casino community (just have a look at http://sverigescasinon.net/casinoonline/ for th latest news in game releases) that many developers seem content to just rest on their laurels. Two developers who definitely don’t believe in such philosophy are Foxium and Odobo, who have recently decided to join forces to expand the Odobo game selection with HMTL5 titles. Due to their famed development abilities and standout creation style, HTML5 games have become must haves in 2015. Now according to reports it seems that Odobo is looking to create and feature more social gaming options, in order to improve player experience.

Moving the industry forward

As far as age goes Foxium are the youngsters in this deal, as they have only been in existence for a few years. But don’t let their age fool you; Foxium still has plenty of experience backing them. The whole goal for the company is to create truly modern games for online casinos, which is something that this new partnership with Odobo should help further. The current Obodo platform is considered to be a strong performer, so it makes sense for Foxium to wants to work with such a rising company. The partnership will see Foxium games distributed throughout the Odobo platform and aid in the creation of a brand new game portfolio.

Welcome to the big time

What the partnership represents for both companies is a step-up to the big time. So, it is only fitting that the very first game release as a result of the agreement is called Big Time Journey. From the very moment you see Big Time Journey you can see where the improvements are. Taking the graphic element to the next level, the game looks well polished, with its alternating in-game themes being impressive on the eye. The title requires the player to move through different time periods throughout a single game session and collect different artifacts along the way. Starting in 1930s London that game plays out across the five reels in quite dramatic fashion. Players can win free spins by unlocking the power gems and new world artifacts. In total there are 23 achievements to be found within the game, meaning players aren’t going to get bored with Big Time Journey anytime soon.

Making strides

The industry in many ways has entered a lull, but while some companies are happy to languish within the mediocrity, Foxium and Odobo are different. The two companies have seen a gap in the market for increased innovation and by forming a working agreement look set to fill it. HTML5 technology lies at the basis of the agreement and looks set to back the games created. The first release as a result of the agreement, Big Time Journey, works well to showcase exactly what can be created when these two companies join forces.